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JustSimAround here. 22 years old "He", clumsy but with the best intentions! Playing TS2 only atm. Welcome and Happy Simming!

These two pictures were taken at the very same place, with the same lighting on, at daytime. The difference? Some sort of shadow fail, that went away when I grabbed a window and placed it back.

First one’s with the shadow fail, second one is the normal lighting.

I kind of dig that lighting issue tbh xD

voleste said: I really like the colours and the general feel of the interior! I think you’re doing good.

Thank you!! <3 I’m glad you like it, and think it’s going good! Tbh, I’m sort of forcing myself to finish this place because I don’t want the town to be stuck, but I’m afraid that building uninspired is making me think that the lots don’t look ok <_>

Ugh, I seem to have lost inspiration for sims. Idk what to do : /

Ok so, given that unfortunately this lot won’t furnish on it’s own, I’m attempting to decorate it atm. I started with the restaurant because it’s the main purpose I’ll ever send my sims to this lot, really.

I’m still struggling with it, and I’m not sure if it’s ok, but at least I’ve stopped denying the existence of this place, that’s something I guess <_>

For /post/96315186227/ WCIF the ikea add ons used and the recolors of the maxis base game furniture and piano. And I think that's it. I hope you can answer lol


And here go the rest ; )

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For /post/96313491737/ WCIF all of the bedroom furniture, recolors for the furniture, dining table, dining chairs, the recolors for those, desk, toys on desk, the tulip recolors, and the sideboard or cabinet that the tulips are sitting on?


Back with these! Sorry, I had to go to musical class, but I’ll be finishing these as soon as possible! Promise ; )

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For post/96310230697/ WCIF the nursery set, floor, plant, paintings, toys, curtains, and bean bag chair?


Hi there anon! Sure I can give you a hand : ) Here we go!

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Outside the Torne’s cabin

Almost done with the spam, promise xD

Livingroom/Diningroom/Kitchen, and the Study. Jarvis OTH is Film & Lit. and Iris is Music, so I kind of made the study for them two. Aurora’s is Music too, so maybe she’ll get piano lessons from her mom? :3

More pictures of the Torne residence! The upstairs.

Iris and Jarvis bedroom, and the hallway : )

I finally managed to finish another of the houses for Leo’s hood residents! This time I finished the house for the Torne family :3

Here’s Aurora’s nursery. I’ll show the rest of the house in time, but I wanted to start with this one because I really like how this room turned out ^^