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JustSimAround here. 22 years old "He", clumsy but with the best intentions! Playing TS2 only atm. Welcome and Happy Simming!
Hi~ A little question, if you dont mind: WCIF neon sign and that blue thing (curtain maybe?) on the wall from post/98596974812/waves-from-the-shadows-hello-o-just-dropping Thank you!


Eeeep! I’ve just noticed this! D: Sorry anon, I didn’t use the computer in all day yesterday, so I’ve just seen it today! Sure, I can give a hand here ^^ 

Neon sign is a TS3 conversion by Misty-Fluff, Here, and the blue beaded curtain is available at the UYS 11th Anniversary Event Here. I’m unsure if the curtains themselves were made by either Yuichen or Kayleigh so I’m crediting both (I believe they were made by yuichen? but I’m not entirely sure, so do let me know if someone knows ^^ Also, the whole threat is full of shinies and awesome, so I recommend to check it out!)

I hope this proves useful to you, and again, so sorry for the delay! Have a lovely day, and Happy Simming! :D

katzengirl said: The smile works, plus the eye color change. I like it.

I’m glad you think it works, I was a bit nervous about uploading because I was afraid I hadn’t made it work! But I’m glad you think it does, thank you :D

yandereplumsim said: He might have… but you don’t : P

Me? but, how rude! *gasps and cries a little in the corner not really* :P

The probably very long reply post, 2014 edition!

I’m so lame I’m sorry :D

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"Huh? Why do you ask that?

Of course I’m fine

I couldn’t feel more alive…”

*waves from the shadows* Hello o/

Just dropping by to mention that I’m still alive (yay!) and that I managed to sim a little bit yesterday while resting, but mainly to check some new cc I downloaded. I got carried away during testing, and I ended up with 2 random sims, and a small photoshoot xD

I’ll make sure to reply to everyone soon too, btw, sorry for the delay! Meanwhile…

Ella and William

This is how Tidal looks atm. Not very big, but that should change… whenever I have time to develop <_>

This is how Tidal looks atm. Not very big, but that should change… whenever I have time to develop <_>

And the last lot, Promenade Park. It doesn’t has many things to do, but I intended it to just be a place where sims could go for a walk and meet up and stuff, so I think it’s ok-ish.

On a side note, I don’t know how people can landscape, I can’t do it to save my life ಠ_ಠ

A still unnamed cafe, right behind the homes I just showed. Box-y building is box-y, but I like the lot overall :)

So, I’ve gone pretty much missing (post-wise) these last days, and all I can say is that RL has been pretty… stressful, to say the least. I don’t really want to throw much info in, but I’ll be pretty much missing and stressed and ripping my hair off until at least the first week of October is gone, so yeah, I may not be posting much content as I don’t have much time for simming : /

On the meanwhile, I decided to use this day off to take some pictures of some more lots I’ve finished for Tidal Peaks. First, some more little houses :D