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JustSimAround here. 21 years old "He", I've been simming for quite a long time now. I'm kind of clumsy, so don't be afraid that I talk like a maniac, it's completely normal. I don't bite though, so welcome, and hope
you're having a great day!!

"Hudds" Bar

Town Square’s Memorial

Town Square’s Memorial

A fancy restaurant at the Town Square’s stores.

Loosely based on This concept art (3rd Picture)


I will never, ever, ever, finish liking stuff on Tumblr! La la la la la ra la ra la ra la ra laaa   

Replies to Personal Ramble

First of all, I want to thank everyone who messaged me and showed their support and appretiation. This is a really important thing for me, and I sure appretiate that you care <3

Now, on to the replies!

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Replies to St. Mira WIPs, Oaks WIPs, and others

Long post ahead, watch out!!

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i want this sofa post/58737823465, is ikea?


Hey there anon! Sure I can help : ) It may be either a yes or a no unfortunately:

If you mean the sofa in the 5th picture (white coffee table) then you don’t need IKEA, that’s a conversion of a TS3 sofa by Trapping, here: http://jedpie.tumblr.com/post/27603983334/500-followers-gift-part-2-alrighty-i-have-a

If you mean the sofa in the last picture (black coffee table) then you do need IKEA, it’s an add-on set of the Ektorp sofa made by Mutske at TSR, here: https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Mutske/downloads/details/category/sims2-sets-objects/title/ektorp-modular-add-ons/id/845867/

I hope this proves useful. Have a nice day! : )

I’ll be posting a couple of reply posts coming up, so feel free to skip (unless I’m replying to you xD)

Goes for all the St. Mira comments I had procrastinated to reply to, and to last night’s post. Stay tuned if you commented in any of those.

Personal Ramble, somewhat related to why I’m starting to play again…

Feel free to skip, it’s just an update of my RL situation, my musical group thing, and related to my return to simming.

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