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JustSimAround here. 21 years old "He", I've been simming for quite a long time now. I'm kind of clumsy, so don't be afraid that I talk like a maniac, it's completely normal. I don't bite though, so welcome, and hope
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Personal Ramble, somewhat related to why I’m starting to play again…

Feel free to skip, it’s just an update of my RL situation, my musical group thing, and related to my return to simming.

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My attempt at recreating the TS3 IP’s Isla Paradiso’s City Hall. I know it’s far from perfect, and can’t really stand against the original, but I think it looks ok… I guess.

This will be used as my BaCC’s town hall, as soon as I gain the will to continue building it (I was just building, I wasn’t sure about playing yet). For now I want to dedicate fully to Oaks :3

Edit, thanks so much to tangsims for the pics I used as reference, I could have never done it like this without your help! Thank you sweetpie <3




moxycrimefighter said: it’s from the island paradise EP :)

Yes you’re right! As soon as I heard it, I browsed the Simsvip guide and it was there! Thank you so much dear Moxy <3 *sends her the virtual cookies and a hug* <3

risastorm said: i think it came with island paradise.

Ohhh you’re right, it’s and IP hair. Just browsed the Simsvip guide and it was right there. Thank you so so much for throwing me a hand, I appretiate it so much! *sends her virtual cookies as promised* <3

Sorry for random, but for Sims 3 simmers (or Sims 2 simmers that recognize Sims 3 hairs easily?), does anyone know which hair is the one showed Here? I think it’s a very pretty mesh and I’d like to see if it’s available for Sims 2. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you in advance for any help! : )

EDIT: Hair found, it seems it launched with the Island Paradise EP :D Now to comb the conversion database and see if it’s available :3 Thank you risastorm and moxycrimefighter for your help, I really appretiate it <3

EDITx2: It wasn’t converted u.u Oh well, back to hair hunting 8D Thanks for the help anyways!

" I bring you peace&#8230; and bacon "
I&#8217;m so sorry

" I bring you peace… and bacon "

I’m so sorry

simtroverted said: Oh no, don’t worry at all! I was watching it on a livestream, but forgot to mention it because I’d just gotten up, sorry! But I do have some virtual chocolate & hugs to make you feel better :3 It was so beautiful though, I completely understand you!

Oh don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean it in that way, it was just my thought that took over xD

I’m so happy that you managed to see it as well, it was really beautiful, and such a wonderful experience. The universe and the nature have the most amazing gifts no doubt ; )

Thank you too, I’ll need them xD I hope you have a lovely day <3

simtroverted said: Sounds awesome!! :D Meanwhile to me it’s 11 am XD

Yeah, it may not have been nice to post that I was watching the eclipse given that timezones, but I’m just… so… overwhelmed. I couldn’t help it, I had to write something somewhere. It’s the very first time I see one and the feels are killing me because adfgagadfgagdfgh *dies*

You may take my offer and I can send you some plane tickets so you see it with me! All I ask in return is chocolate to fix my heart xD